Be what they don't expect.  Do what they don't expect.

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“Commitment with consistency brings changes, stay focused.”

Welcome to Gifted Hipsters, a motivational clothing brand created to provide an avenue that encourages communal progression, empowerment, and unity. As a company, we are committed to using an innovative and artistic approach to portray messages that bring awareness and motivate and influence change.

Gifted Hipsters was founded by Whittany Eboni Burgess (Whittany Eboni), a rising entrepreneur. The idea of Gifted Hipsters was birthed and inspired by a traumatic but transformative experience in her life. In creating Gifted Hipsters, Whittany Eboni is in pursuit to fulfill her life's purpose and create a platform that inspires others through her story; to promote the change the world desperately needs. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a reputation for inspiring the world through a form of art by creating stylish and trendy merchandise that promotes change. We strive to convey messages of empowerment and bring awareness to our society's different issues daily. In furtherance of our mission, we hope to establish an additional platform to break societal barriers and provide a gateway for others to act and deliver the necessary change we need.

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Our Vision

Our philosophy and vision are to have Gifted Hipsters become a gateway that activates the drive in others to produce change and be a platform for us to start a movement and embark on other ventures promoting the same cause. By rehabilitating the world, we will be counteracting destruction, tragedy, and dysfunction while activating advocacy for equality, unity, community empowerment & progression, self-love, self-control, mental health awareness, and so much more positivity and understanding in the world.

Core Values

  • Be Purposeful
  • Consistency
  • Creativity and Quality First
  • Raise Awareness
  • Empower
  • Support and Build Community
  • Continuous Learning